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08-29-06 - 12:32 p.m.

East Side, West Side

(Dumb title, I know, but I'm at work, so I'm brain-dead, ya dig?)

Okay, so I finally visited "back East" as they say. I went to Beantown and New Hampshaaah for a long weekend.

Loved it! Everything was fun. Great hotel in Boston, thanks to K's miles. Stayed in the theatre district. Rode the "T". Walked quite a bit. Weather was a little warmer than usual, I think.

Thoroughly enjoyed the food -- best piece of fish I've ever eaten in my life at the oldest restaurant in the country -- broiled haddock here on Friday: http://www.unionoysterhouse.com. The walking tour of the Freedom Trail was a history-geek's dream-come-true; so many old buildings and life stories that we don't enjoy here in the midwest.

I hope to go back again next year. The cabin in NH is in a remote area where my cell phone doesn't work -- hated that not one bit!!

Famous photo/postcard I purchased: http://www.city-data.com/picfilesv/picv5674.php

Reminded me a lot of the place(s) I've been in Canada. Lots of green. . .hilly. . .spring water to drink. . .heavenly quiet.

Different mode for me as I was hanging with a "family" -- my friends and their two adopted daughters who are 4 and 2, what a blast those girls are for me!! Just to be silly for awhile was a nice change.

Incredible lobsta dinner on Sunday night, as K is an awesome chef and I pigged out on a 2 pounder -- YIKES!!

So, I've made it to both sides of the country this year. First time in my life, and hopefully not the last.

(sorry for the dorky web addresses as well, I'm still not very good at pasting things into my diary -- which is "obvi".)

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